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Have you ever looked at a product and seen a label on it saying it was all natural? Heard someone proclaim one product was better than another simply because it was natural? Unfortunately it's all too likely that you have heard it at some point in time or another, maybe you've even said something like it yourself at some point in time.

This idea that soemthing is better just because it is natural comes from looking at the world with rose tinted glasses. True, you can climb to the top of a mountain and then look out at a sunset across seemingly undending trees sweeping across beutiful and majestic montains. You can go into the wild and find some of the cutest little animals known to science. You can go into a new age store and find books about how some vaugly defined "energy" of the earth just wants to help us all. These are the sorts of things people normally think about when they think about the term "natural".

If you look a bit closer however, those trees are involved in a never ending struggle to make sure they are the tallest tree, blocking out all their competition. The forest is sheltering millions of little animals who spend their time alternating between trying to not be eaten, and trying to eat eachother. Some of the cutest animals around, such as otters and dolphins do horrible things to other animals. Just look at Sea Otters Are Jerks. So Are Dolphins, Penguins, and Other Adorable Animals. and Sea Otters Do Terrible Things To Baby Seals for some examples, there are plenty more out there.

Nature doesn't give a damn about morals or any other human virtues. It just wants to consume, and does not care how many bodies pile up to acomplish this.

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