Topic - Poor Alternative Health/Medicine Consistancy

Many alternative health and medicinal practices are so broadly defined that practitioners can perform in any of a wide variety of ways and still be seen to be legitimate. For example, in homeopathy there is a requirement for repeated dilution and for a shock or bang to be applied between each dilutions, but that is it. How much liquid should be diluted at each phase? Should it be diluted 1:10, 1:100, 1:1000, 1:25.75? How much force should be used when you bang the bottle? For acupuncture there is no clear guideline as to where to place needles for different treatments. The examples are nearly endless.

For some reason this is not often seen as a weakness of alternative medicine. Imagine if doctors, mechanics, insurance brokers, or about any other field worked in the same way. If you took a broken car to 5 different mechanics and each gave you a different course of treatment you would think that they're all guessing, just making it up as they go along.

Why does alternative medicine get treated differently?

Perhaps most important of all is that no alternative medicine practice seems to have any intention of trying to find a single consistent treatment. Sure, each chiropractor says their method if the best, but how often do you see chiroprators trying to determine which method is the best for which ailments? See studies conducted by homeopaths to determine the optimal method of dilution? Research into whose diagram showing where to stick acupuncture needles is the best?

It's almost as if they're not interested in being as effective as they can be, only in trying to prove their continued relevance.

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