Topic - Placebo Effect

The placebo effect is a complicated phenomenon, but to put it simply there are two aspect to it:

  1. If you expect something to do you good, it can have an uplifting effect even if it has no real effect For example, if you're feeling down with a cold and laying on the couch then having some nice smelling mint in the room can lift your mood That doesn't mean aroma therapy helps to cure the cold or even alleviate the symptoms, it just smells nice
  2. If you take part in a clinical trial, simply being in the trial can result in health improvements For example if someone is asked to monitor their weight for 3 months while given a placebo sugar pill, it may result in them making lifestyle choices resulting in weight loss This would result in it appearing that the sugar pill results in weight loss

You can get some good information about it by reading The Placebo Effect

See also the Nocebo Effect

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