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Registered User Code Of Conduct
Registered users are able to create new entries on the website, leave comments on existing entries, and ultimately interract with the site and other users. To ensure the most accurate information is presented and to assist quality debate, all registered users must adhere to the code of conduct


This code of conduct will help people who come here to contribute understand how we hope people will behave. We want a polite discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of different pieces of evidence on a wide range of topics. We do not want people simply throwing insults back and forth at each other.

Peoples contributions can be voted up or down, which will help to score the contributions of different users. The aim is that users with a higher score will tend to be the most reasonable and rational, those with low scores are those who persist in their belief no matter what.

This can result in people with anti-science stances having high scores and people with pro-science stances with low scores. This is a good thing, we want differing opinions, not an echo chamber.

If a users has a lot of negative remarks close together, they may be put into an automatic time out. The time out will lock the user from the website for a given time, hopefully allowing them to calm down, cool off, and come back better than ever. Everyone has an off day from time to time, so getting a time out isn't the end of the world. If you continually get time outs however you may be locked out of the site for longer.

Respect The Evidence

Evidence is all powerful here.

Yes, evidence comes in all shapes and forms. Some types of evidence are stronger than others, and on most subjects there will often be competing forms of evidence. This is okay.

You are free to cite any evidence you choose. You will not be banned or marked down for asking questions, or for referencing evidence that would normally be considered anti-science. Post what ever piece of pro- or anti- vaccine/GMO/wind turbine sickness/climate change/evolution based evidence you want.

Do not be surprised if your evidence is called into question. We hope to question all evidence, even that which supports what we think is true.

If you cannot present enough evidence to support your position, then please accept it. Continuing to state you are correct after your evidence has been discredited and/or when there is a wealth of counter evidence is not how we do things here.

Belief Is Okay

You are entitled to your beliefs, no matter what they may be. You are most certainly NOT entitled to your own facts.

Not Acceptable
The earth is flat
I believe the earth is flat
Vaccines are dangerous
Well I still think vaccines are dangerous
GM crops are perfectly safe
Nothing is perfectly safe, but GM crops are at least as safe as their counter parts

If you cannot support what you say with evidence, it should be rephrased.

Remember: People Have A Sense Of Humor

Sometimes people will be sarcastic. Sometimes people will be silly, just for fun. Sometimes on the internet, tone of voice is difficult to pick up on and peoples meaning can be misconstrued. This is okay!

Try to avoid jumping to the worst possible conclusion of someomes statement. If in doubt, ask for clarification. Even if they did mean to say the thing which upset you, maybe they simply haven't been exposed to the same information you have.

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