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Source: David Avocado Wolfe

David Wolfe is a very vocal and unscientific individual who is very keen to sell you his very expensive products When the subject of his qualifications comes up he is quick to let you know his parents were doctors, which seems like a very weak form of training to most He made made a number of ridiculous claims such as:

  • The salt in oceans is what holds the water down on Earth, not gravity (no word yet how bodies of fresh water don't float up into the sky as he says they will)
  • Chocolate is an octave of sun energy, whatever that may mean
  • Deer antlers will keep you young, because they contain cosmic energy of some variety
  • and many more

His teachings encourage people towards fad diets, and avoiding actual medicine when they are sick At best he is foolish enough to actually believe the things he says and is only accidentally obtaining obscene amounts of money for worthless "health boosts" and "cures" At worst, he knows exactly what he is doing and wants nothing more than to get as much money as possible from those unfortunately gullible enough to listen to him

If you want a more detailed analysis of him have a look at:

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