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Evidence: Natural T Cell-mediated Protection against Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza Results of the Flu Watch Cohort Study - PubMed - NCBI
Evidence: Vaccines: Vac-Gen/Side Effects
Evidence: Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary - Excipients Included in U.S Vaccines, by Vaccine
Topic: Generic
Source: Center For Disease Control (CDC)
Topic: Vaccine Excipient/Ingreedients
Source: Gilles-Eric Séralini
Evidence: Report of an Expert Panel on the reanalysis by of a 90-day study conducted by Monsanto in support of the safety of a genetically modified corn variety (MON 863)
Evidence: Results of a 90-day safety assurance study with rats fed grain from corn rootworm-protected corn
Evidence: New Analysis of a Rat Feeding Study with a Genetically Modified Maize Reveals Signs of Hepatorenal Toxicity
Evidence: 5 Shocking Facts About GMOs I Can’t Believe #3 Is Real – Viance Nutrition
Topic: GMO Crops And Pesticides Causing Super Weeds
Topic: GMO Crops And Pesticides Residue
Topic: GMO Crops And Pesticides Usage
Topic: GMO/Fertility/Reproduction Problems Safety
Topic: GMO/Digestive/Gut Problems Safety
Topic: GMO/Autism Safety
Topic: GMO/Allergy Safety
Topic: GMO/Cancer Safety
Evidence: Glyphosate toxicity: Looking past the hyperbole, and sorting through the facts By Credible Hulk – The Credible Hulk
Evidence: Major study documents benefits of organic farming
Topic: Larvicides
Topic: Fungicides
Topic: Bactericides
Topic: Rodenticides
Topic: Herbicides
Topic: Insecticides
Topic: Glyphosate Residue
Topic: Glyphosate Efficacy
Topic: Glyphosate Safety
Topic: Glyphosate
Topic: Herbicide Residue
Topic: Pesticide Residue
Topic: Herbicide Efficacy
Topic: Herbicide Safety
Topic: Pesticide Efficacy
Topic: Pesticide Safety
Topic: Pesticides
Topic: Organic Farming
Topic: Organic
Topic: Alternative Medicine - HM (Holistic Medicine)
Topic: Alternative Medicine - IM (Integrative medicine)
Topic: Alternative Medicine - CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine)