Thread Status: Standard
Posted By: dpend
7:40 AM, 14 Jul 2016

This thread is to test the page edit system, ensuring it can and will continue to work

Posted By: dpend
7:43 AM, 14 Jul 2016

Sequel post, follow up to the previous

Posted By: dpend
10:15 AM, 14 Jul 2016

Okay, so here are some desired features I can think up so far

  • Single button email following: Get an email each time the thread gets updated (to a max of once each 30 minutes) by clicking a single button
  • Single button in site following: Get a notification on the website each time the thread gets updated by clicking a single button
  • Ability to quote: Self explanatory, but potentially difficult to implement...


Currently I think the visuals are rather weird, need a way to on the one hand make it so that posts cannot look like other peoples posts, and make it look a whole damn lot nicer

Posted By: dpend
10:16 AM, 14 Jul 2016

Extra feature: have the damn thing scroll to the end of the page once it's been loaded?

Extra extra feature: paginate when more than 25/50/100 posts on a page

Posted By: dpend
10:23 AM, 14 Jul 2016

Additional required features

  • Easy option for admins to create stickies
  • Easy option for admins to delete/edit a sticky
  • Single button click to unfollow a thread, so you do not care about it
  • System to keep track of which threads have had posts since last moderator visit
Posted By: dpend
10:24 AM, 14 Jul 2016

Need a page showing the the most recent threads, and some sort of ability to search through them!

Posted By: Borzag
1:38 AM, 15 Jul 2016

At the moment looks very efficient.  That said, from the point of view of someone coming in from a lot of forums & news threads:

  • No way to direct reply to an edit/quote a previous poster?
  • Definitely needs a deliniator between comments/edits.
Posted By: Borzag
5:23 AM, 17 Jul 2016

Okay, much neater :) good work sofar!