Study claiming organic food more nutritious ‘deeply flawed’, say independent scientists


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Study claiming organic food more nutritious ‘deeply flawed’, say independent scientists, Genetic Literacy Project, 15 July 2014 - Study claiming organic food more nutritious 'deeply flawed', say independent scientists | Genetic Literacy Project Score: 0.0/0.0


This article discusses some research which claims to demonstrate nutritional advantages of organic produce over its conventional counterparts. Unfortunately this research does not appear to be very rigorous, with many in field experts finding multiple problems with it. A quick summary would be:

  • This research makes a big deal about anti-oxidants, when there is littl credible evidence that they are that big of a deal for health. Hyping up a term which the general public associates with health but for which there is little evidence is the first clear warning sign
  • Yes, this review did include more studies than previous reviews. However it included more papers of poor quality, rather than simply adding more quality information. This opens the flood gates for errors
  • This research (which is not independently funded) contradicts a wealth of other research (which was independently funded)
  • Sure, it reports lower levels of pesticides, but is only looking at conventional pesticides. To ignore the pesticides used in organic farming is either highly biased, or very poor quality of research
  • The paper admits to a decrease in nutrates, fibre, and protien in organic crops. Many would call this a disadvantage



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Conclusion 1

This article contains multiple sources which will be useful. and further discussions on this research, many of which will be worth adding.

Conclusion 2

Demonstrated very mildly against Organic Food

This articles provides evidence against the idea that organic food is more nutritious than conventional food.

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