Homeopathy Review


Evidence Type: Research (Systematic Review)
Homeopathy Review, National Health and Medical Research Council, 5 Mar 2015 - Homeopathy Review | National Health and Medical Research Council Score: 0.0/0.0


This research is the conclusion of an extensive review of research into homeopathy, finding that it does not work. For anything. Ever.



Strength/Weakness 1

Very strong strength: Adequate Sample Size

This investigation covered many studies, it is huge.

Strength/Weakness 2

This investigation was funded by the Australia Government, not by any medical body.

Strength/Weakness 3

Very strong strength: Industry Independence

This research was performed by the Australia Government. If anyone would have motivation to find a reliable treatment for sickness based on repeated dilution of water it would be a government which publicly funds much of the health care of its population.

Strength/Weakness 4

Very strong strength: Well Designed Research

They went out of their way to get as much information as possible, from as many sources as possible, and investigate all possible implications of this information. It doesn't get much better than this.

Conclusion 1

Demonstrated very strongly against Homeopathy Efficacy

This research shows that homeopathy does not work. It shows it very well with many many studies.

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