8 Reasons GMOs are Bad for You


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8 Reasons GMOs are Bad for You, Organic Authority, 23 Aug 2010 - 8 Reasons GMOs are Bad for You - Organic Authority Score: 0.0/0.0


This article claims to demonstrate 8 reasons as to why GMOs are bad Unfortunately it is filled with half truths, misrepresentations, and even some outright lies Look at the sources cited by the page, they're mostly links to anti-GMO parties rather than links to actual evidence, which should say about all you need to know about the evidence for the claims being made here

8 Lies About GMOs poses a good rebuttal to this article



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Conclusion 1

This article claims to provide evidence against GMO tech, yet frequently misrepresents facts and presents false information.

Conclusion 2

This article needs further expansion.

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