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It's an irrational concept, yet an intriguing idea, that modern life so fills us with poisons from polluted air and food additives that we need to be periodically "cleaned out" ("detoxified"). Never mind that natural chemicals in our foods are thousands of times more potent than additives, or that most Americans are healthier, live longer, and can choose from the most healthful food supply ever available. -- Frances M. Berg, M.S.

Real detoxification of foreign substances takes place in the liver, which modifies their chemical structure so they can be excreted by the kidneys which filter them from the blood into the urine. --Stephen Barrett, M.D.

"Toxin" is classic pseudoscience terminology." --Ben Goldacre, M.D.

"...these detox programs amount to a large quantity of excrement, both literally and figuratively.” --Peter Pressman, M.D.



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Conclusion 1

Demonstrated strongly against Cleanse/Detox

The article demonstrates clearly that there is no need to "detox"

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