No, “vaccine reactions” didn't kill several children in Mexico


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No, “vaccine reactions” didn't kill several children in Mexico, 14th May 2015 - No, "vaccine reactions" didn't kill several children in Mexico - RESPECTFUL INSOLENCE Score: 0.0/0.0


Children died, and more fell seriously ill, following what should have been a routine vaccination in Mexico Before all the details are available anti-vaxers respond by shouting from the rooftops that this is proof that vaccines are unsafe, vaccines are being used in depopulation campaigns, and many others Taking every glimmer of possible safety concerns and blowing them out of proportion is not a sign of someone thinking critically It is a sign of someone willing to cram and square peg into any round hole they can make it fit to tell the narrative they want to tell



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Conclusion 1

Plenty of examples of anti-vaxers being oh so very willing to make extravagant claims about how dangerous vaccines are, even in the face of a glaring lack of current evidence.

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Conclusion 2

Despite claims from the anti-vaxers, the problem found in this instance is not to do with vaccine safety, it is to do with keeping medical supplies safe. The article doesn't go into vaccine safety in general but does discuss the subject with regard to this scenario.

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