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Zoe Allen
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A Response to the Vaccine Debate
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Having friends and family that work in the medical industry I instinctively trust in the scientific community, and am skeptical of all conspiracy theories. I personally believe that one can only reject the scientific consensus if they truly understand why their stance is, what it is, especially when that decision could endanger another person’s baby.

Because the topic came up more and more often in my mum's groups, I decided to become fairly well-researched in the subject, as I quickly saw that no-one could be bothered engaging with Anti-vaxxers or people even simply asking questions, with anything that was constructive or even really that informed (it was just ridicule, which helped no one (I admit that was my first reaction also), which in turn was only allowing the anti-vaxx narrative to be heard.

A lot of people started asking me to send through the information I had which made me realise I didn't have everything saved in one comprehensive list, or even one location. I had resources saved in multiple emails, chats, on different computers and also just knew where to find certain articles when I needed them.

So here is a complete list of all of the resources I have found in response to every "anti-vaxx" or "vaccine safety" argument I have come across so far, which I would like to share with those looking for the information.

The sections are divided up as per the below categories

A) How I have gone about doing this research
B) Answers to the anti-vaxx accusations
C) A look at who the key players are in the anti-vaxx movement and why you should not trust their information.

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