• This will help your body detox naturally
  • This will detox your body
  • Have you seen/do you have any evidence that these work?
  • Detox seems to be a very expensive marketing buzz word
  • Sounds like a naturalistic fallacy to me
  • Can this replace dialysis for those with kidney failure?
  • If this removes toxins from the body, I could drink booze non-stop if I use this right?
  • Assuming that it IS removing these dangerous “things” from my body, how, exactly, is it being removed? If these things are so bad then my sweat/breath/excretions/etc are going to be toxic hazards! What’s the safest method of disposing of these horrible things?
  • What EXACTLY is being removed?
  • Does this remove heavy metals? How does this detoxing treatment compare to standard chelating treatments?
  • It removes "toxins"? That's too vague, what EXACTLY is being removed? Will this keep me safe after a snake bite? No? So not NEUROtoxins then… What toxins are removed please?
  • It removes "chemicals"? Too vague, as your body is almost entirely chemicals. If they remove all the chemicals there won’t be much left. Which chemicals are being removed? Our DNA is one of the longest chemical chains around, is this going to suck out my DNA?
You Should Detox Regularly

People who promote detoxing generally claim that the body is full of vaguely defined "toxins" which are causing harm and need to be removed Unfortunately the bodies normal processes for removing dangerous substances are (for some inexplicable reason) unable to fully deal with and expel these troublesome substances Luckily however they are more than willing to sell you an expensive juice, expensive pill, expensive diet plan, expensive enema, expensive yoghurt, or some combination there of

The main component seems to be that you buy something that seems to be rather overpriced

If you're looking to buy anything other than a dialysis machine then the word "detox" is likely being used as a purely marketing term There have been little, if any, scientifically documented benefits from any "detoxifying" procedure or product, and there have been documented dangers with some of the more "involved" procedures

Reading the article in the further reading list, we see that:

  • No two companies seem to use the same definition of ‘detox’
  • Little, and in most cases no, evidence was offered to back up the detox claims
  • In the majority of cases, producers and retailers contacted by the young scientists were forced to admit that they are renaming mundane things, like cleaning or brushing, as ‘detox’

Conclusion: Complete Nonsense

Your body does contain toxins but it has entire organs devoted to the task of removing them efficiently and safely. There plenty of evidence that any benefits experienced are either due to the placebo effect or the regime associated. There is no reliable evidence of detoxing having any measurable benefit.

REMEMBER: There are some detox programs with their own dangers, so advice from a medical practitioner should be considered if you do decide to go with a detox.



detoxification therapies

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This article discusses some research done into marketers of detox programs, and finds some glaring inconsistancies.

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