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Nobody believed Galileo either!

Well actually, that's probably not a position you want to take Galileo advocated a concept which actually existed before he began to defend it He supported this idea with evidence, against a church which wanted to maintain its belief system despite growing evidence to the contrary If you have good rational reasonable evidence to present then please do so, it's perfectly safe now that you don't get locked up for making fun of and disagreeing with the pope

However, if you don't have good evidence to support your claims then you're not  like Galileo Plenty of people make all sorts of claims now just today, but throughout all of history, and not all of them can be right Without any solid evidence to support what you're saying, how are you any different from the thousands of people in the past who have claimed the world will end based on the flimsiest evidence, only to be shown wrong?

Conclusion: Complete Nonsense

It's hard to say why this is such a difficult concept for so many people, but simply disagreeing with the current popular consensus or current scientific consensus does not automatically mean you are correct There have been plenty of times scientific opinion has been swayed in the past, if you're so convinced you're right then publish your research and be the force of change once more But that's the problem, without the evidence to support it the idea isn't worth while



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