• Of course it's safe, it's natural
  • Natural is always safer
  • Manufactured things are bad for you
  • Processed is toxic to you
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Natural Is Safe/Safer

What utter nonsense. Plenty of things that are natural are dangerous. Some examples include:

  • Hurricanes, storms, hail, and various other weather events
  • Tsunamis, avalanches, mudslides, earth quakes, and various other geological events
  • Spiders, ticks, mosquitoes, snakes, and various other animals with dangerous bites
  • Lions, tigers, bears, wolves, and various other animals who can kill you and then eat you
  • Various herbs, berries, mushrooms, and even potatoes are harmful to eat
  • A host of parasites and bacteria that will infect you and make you sick if you eat them, drink them, breath them in, or even touch them

Modern living has left many people so far removed from nature that they forget why we have spent countless generations trying to protect ourselves from nature. They can watch a movie and see vast majestic landscapes which look so beautiful and wondrous, little realising that to live there far removed from modern living every day becomes a struggle. Simply watching a nature documentary should be enough to remind people that to truly live naturally makes you far more vulnerable to infections, wounds, starvation, predation, natural events, and much more.

Conclusion: Complete Nonsense

This claim is nothing but self deception originating from the safeties living in a developed country give you.



Sea Otters Do Terrible Things To Baby Seals

There is nothing at all safe about the all natural murder otters frequently practice on baby seals.

7 of the World’s Deadliest Plants

It should come as no surprise that the most deadly plants in the world, those most adept at protecting themselves, are not those we have modified ourselves but rather those who have naturally adapted to defend themselves against being eaten.

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