• You're narrow minded
  • You need an open mind
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You're Close Minded

Often we will hear that're we're too close minded and need to be more open minded to new ideas But the problem with this claim is that a true skeptic actually is open minded

If you bring us new and compelling evidence, that's what we will believe in But if the extent of your evidence are unsourced and unrepeatable anecdotes, it is unlikely to change the mind of a skeptic Conversely however, those in the unscientific community will be unconvinced by any amount or type of evidence presented to them Look at how often ideas have been changed in scientific communities such as:

  • The adoption of quantum mechanics despite its counter intuitive nature
  • Ulcers as being caused by bacteria
  • Many ideas put forth by Charles Darwin have since been discarded to make our understanding of evolution even stronger
  • and the list goes on

Now look at how often ideas have changed in unscientific fields like homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, horoscopes, and so forth Sure various trends and fads come and go, but the core concept of "magic does it!" remains in each

So please, which group is really close minded?

Conclusion: Mostly False

Sure, some people who claim to be skeptics wont accept new evidence when it is presented to them But the scientific community at large always has and hopefully always will If your idea has merit then it can be tested and shown to be better If your idea does not have merit this will show, and if you maintain it then you are the close minded person



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