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Doctors are afraid of the competition

A common claim is that doctors are afraid of the competition of alternative practitioners. In actuality most doctors have a surplus of patients. Many would likely be happy to have more local competition just to reduce their workload somewhat.

Instead of fear of competition, the real reason doctors get so upset with alternative practitioners is that they are not heartless individuals, that they actually care about people other than themselves. Doctors care about it when vulnerable people spend time and money not on medicine, but on quack "treatments" that often do nothing, sometimes even cause harm. So yes, doctors care, scientists care, science advocates care, but it's because they have empathy, not because they're afraid.

Conclusion: Complete Nonsense

Alternative practitioners would love to be considered competition for real doctors and real medicine but unfortunately they're no better than very expensive wishful thinking.



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This claim relates to doctors, and the medical system in general.

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