• You don't know everything
  • Science doesn't have all the answers
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Science doesn't know everything

That's right, science doesn't know everything, but you can't name any other field that does either However the important thing is that science knows it doesn't know anything, and is constantly working towards bettering its understanding You can look at any scientific field of research and find people struggling to unlock the mysteries, searching for ways to understand Then once understanding is reached, how to use that knowledge to better our lives

Unscientific fields however do not engage in such self discovery Sometimes they engage in attempts to validate themselves, but these are often poorly planned and of little scientific merit Sometimes they have groups branch off and making mildly or even wildly different claims, but they're still without evidence

Sure, science doesn't know everything But look out, because it's constantly getting better!

Conclusion: Complete Nonsense

If not knowing everything prevented any group or person from speaking on a subject the world would be a lot quieter.



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