• Cellphones give you cancer
  • Mobile phones give you cancer
  • Phones give you cancer
  • Cellphones cause cancer
  • Mobile phones cause cancer
  • Phones cause cancer
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Mobile Phones Give You Cancer

There is some research saying that mobile phones (or cellphones) give you cancer, and there is some research saying they do not. Well, it turns out that comparing the two we see that:

  • Cancer rates have not gone up with phone usage
  • The studies showing they do generally have lower sample sizes and a less rigorous research methodology

If cancer rates have remained unchanged and the research saying there is no cancer causing effect it is likely that they do not cause cancer. You can read more at Cellphones Do Not Give You Brain Cancer [Accessed 9 March 2016]

Conclusion: Unlikely

Considering the evidence points towards there being no risk, and that even if there is a risk it is still small, and how important phones are to our daily lives now it's not really worth getting stressed over this. 



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