Welcome to Reasoned Discussions, your #1 location for finding reliable evidence on just about any scientific topic possible. You can find different types of evidence on different topics, find claims made by advocates and nay sayers, read notes made by patrons of the site. If you find something incorrect or missing, then sign up and add your knowledge to this ever expanding database.

All too often people will stick to the beliefs no matter what evidence is presented to them. Sometimes these stances are formed from people going out of their way to find misinformation on a subject, a willingness to believe in massive conspiracies, a desire to believe that there is some magical positive force out there looking out for them. Often times it is beause people form an idea from what little they know, and confirmation bias builds upon that until it is so very difficult to change the point of view. Hopefully this collection will help people to understand not only what is right, but also why people think and behave the way they do even when they're wrong.

Everyone is wrong from time to time, there's nothing wrong with that. Throughout history every great mind that ever has been was wrong on some point or other. It's also impossible to fully understand every subject out there, and it would be wrong to expect otherwise. Even for supposedly universally known facts and figures, thousands of people are learning of them for the first time each day. Always remember that there's no shame in someone not knowing something. The real shame is when people insist on remaining ignorant in the face of new information.

Remember: It's not about always being right. It's about being as accurate and as reasonable as possible, it's about going where the evidence takes you.

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